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On Sun, 4 May 2003, Rachel Hinds wrote:

> It is policy in our district NOT to charge teachers for lost library books,
> however, I do know of those who have disregarded this policy in  cases of
> blatant abuse. However, as one member of our group suggested, teachers should
> send the CHILDREN to the library for the needed books rather than create mini
> libraries in their classrooms.

I think both are important.

>I oppose these classroom libraries because a
> teacher checks out books at the beginning of the year, then keeps them for
> the ENTIRE year and they are unavailable to others.


> I do understand the need for teachers to have
> books on hand, so, I plan to put a new program in place for next year - 30
> books for 30 days. For those who wish to participate, I will check out 30
> books for classroom use for 30 days.

I think this sounds like a reasonable solution. Most teachers I worked
with who had a habit of keeping books overly long *meant* to get back to
the library to trade them in for new titles but never quite got around to
it. They get busy too and put things off.

Some of my more successful experiences were with classrooms where
youngsters took on the role of librarian and helped keep track of
the books.

Then I will pull 30 more books each
> month to replace the ones that are returned. They will be picked up and
> delivered to the classroom. This will allow the teacher to have books on hand
> for students to use at all times, and will also not tie them up for an entire
> year in one classroom. In addition, I think the students will appreciate
> fresh books. I can tailor the choices in response to seasons, holidays,
> current events, and I hope it will result in fewer "lost" books.

I'd appreciate that service greatly if I were in the classroom.

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