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Good morning,

I am sorry I have not had time to post this sooner, but thank you to
everyone who sent me suggested websites.  The next time I have a staff
development session I will ask the teachers to bring 5 of their favorite
websites to share and we will all walk away with new websites for

Beth Molski
Wausau East High School
Wausau, WI 54403

Translation web sites

These 3 sites offer free translation services:

Babel Fish Translation  At this site you
can translate up to 150 words of text at once (type, or cut-and-paste),
or enter the url of a web site to be translated. These are the basic 2
services offered, but there are others.

PROMT-Online  This site is
basically a text translation site.

Free2Professional Translation   This
one offers text and website translation for free as well as fee-based
translation services.

Here are 2 excellent sites for teachers of foreign languages.  Since
nearly 85% of the foreign language classes in American high schools are

in Spanish or French, the first site is particularly good because it
contains excellent resources for both languages. The second site is a
treasure trove of material for 7 languages..

1.Case de Joanna: Language Learning Resources

2. BBC Languages <>

May I also suggest taking a look at my just-published book "101 Best
Websites for Secondary Teachers."  It was published in January by the
International Society for Technology in Education.  You may find
information about the book at

Yours sincerely,
James Lerman

Kathy J. Reynolds, Media Specialist
Midview Local School District
37999 Capel Road
Grafton, OH  44044
(O) 440-748-5262
FAX 440-748-0131

Must have .. suggestion for ALL (there is a page for each curriculum

For your foreign language teachers

Hope this helps ....



Go to

All sites and resources have been reviewed and recommended by TLs
and classroom teachers. A great place to look for electronic and other

@ Your Library

Barbara Combes, Lecturer
School of Computer and Information Science
Edith Cowan University, Perth Western Australia
Ph: (08) 9370 6072

This is the best website ever.  ethemes is the name and

is the address.


In my classroom management class we were required to submit two
educational websites.  The list we came up is down below.

Here are two websites that I have used in my teaching career to help me
with classroom management:
1. www.teachersnet (go to mentors/classroom_management/). This site has
a chatboard with teachers chatting from all over the country with
classroom management issues that they have dealt with and how they have
gone about handling them.
 2. Another great websites which has a
variety of focuses, one of which is classroom management.

1.  Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators -
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites
useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated
often to include the best sites for teaching and learning.
A reference for handling over 117 misbehaviors at school and home.  I
have copied these for your convienence

PE Central: The Web Site for Health and Physical Education Teachers û
This page offers a wide range of activities, lessons, instructional
cues, PE stories and classroom management.  This page is not only
helpful for teachers but it can help students learn more about the
correct ways of doing PE skills. - This site is a massive
list of classroom management links.  The site is named, "The Really Big
List of Classroom Management Resources".
The first site will really help out PE teachers with every aspect of
teaching PE.  One of those aspects is the classroom management and it is
completely specific to PE which you can't find on many sites.
This site has information on all aspects of classroom management. Mrs.
Gomez shares her ideas and techniques on everything from her discipline
plan, classroom routines to contests and awards. There is also a link to
other websites. I found many of her ideas worthwhile.
This site is very helpful. It contains information on all different
areas as well. SOme of the ideas are written by teachers who wanted to
share their ideas with others. There were topics on lesson plan writing
to tips for parent conferences. They have lesson plans created for
different times of the year also. I think this would be a great site for
new teachers as well.

This site contains ideas and tips for classroom management.  Some of
the topics include:
A List of Ways to Encourage Good Behavior
Creating a Random Seating Arrangement
 Pledges (school and class)
You can also find about fifty bulletin board ideas that I think can be
used to promote responsibility and teamwork.

The classroom management part of this site includes tips for starting
the day as well as strategies for behavior and discipline. There are
ideas and suggestions that can be used for many age groups, not just
elementary.  I included one example from the site (below).

Here are some great websties for classroom managment:
1) has tons of ideas for classroom management.  Not only
does it have numerous tips for classroom management, but it has ideas
for any subject you can think of.  As far as classroom management, there
is an archive of tens of thousands classroom managment ideas by teachers
for teachers.  There is also a proteacher community where you can chat
with other teachers about classroom management issues.
2) Teachers Helping Teachers -
Teachers helping teachers has a useful classroom management section.
It has tons of activities and lessons for creating a peaceful,
well-behaved class.  There are lessons about creating a classroom
constitution, peer tutoring, and lessons on developing classroom rules
and routines.  There is also a handy list of things to do before the
school year starts.

Teachers Start Your Engines- A site that gives tips for teachers
heading back to school at the beginning of the year.  Some of them are a
little silly but others could be helpful in the classroom. Date visited

The Four PÆs- This page is dedicated to a specific classroom management
plan.  The most interesting and useful part of the website are the 4
PÆs. Click on the hyperlink four P's for a shortcut. Date visited

The title of the website is Classroom Management, Management of Student
Conduct, Effective Praise Guidelines, and a Few Things to Know About
ESOL Thrown in for Good Measure

The website includes four things that are fundamental in having
effective classroom management. Room arrangement, expectations for
behavior, managing studentsÆ academic work, managing inappropriate
behavior, and promoting appropriate use of consequences are among other
items discussed on the website. One thing that I also like is that the
site gives examples of effective and ineffective praise in a chart to
compare different situations. It also has links to other websites
dealing with classroom management.

Education World Classroom Management Page

The first thing I noticed about this page is that there is a new
classroom management time everyday that you can go to. It also has links
to articles addressing different situations that involve classroom
management like, the isolate student, the school phobic students, PAT û
learning to give in order to get, SLANT strategies, disorganized
students, homework and study hall, building community and responsibility
and modeling procedures to name just a few. It is really an extensive
page with many resources related to education.

This website contends that teachers who enjoy effective classroom
management demonstrate skills in the following five "key" areas. These
and demonstrate Consistency
You will find countless resouces organized around the establishment of
these five things.
This website is a treasure trove of resources devoted to the topic of
classroom amangement!

The first website that I want to share with you is called Education
World.  It is self-described as 'The Educator's Best Friend'.  It's URL
is  http//
The site contains many links.  Several of the links will take us to
discussions and ideas that deal with classroom management, school
issues, professional development as well as lesson planning ideas.
The second site does not deal with the behavioral classroom management
but the organizational classroom management.  The site is called
teAch-nology.  It is self-described as 'A Web Portal For Educators'.
You can use it for free, but in order to save information created on the
site, you have to be a member.  Its URL is

The site contains teacher ideas, worksheets, games and lesson planning
ideas.  I use this site to create a weekly calendar for my students.
The calendar that I create states the daily objective, the classroom
activity as well as the homework for each night.  I usually give each
student a copy of the calendar, so that they are aware of the upcoming
topics.  The calendar link is found under 'WORKSHEET MAKERS' on the

One web site that I really like is Education World.  It has lots of
short and practical articles on classroom management.  These articles
are mainly written by teachers and cover a variety of topices.  It also
has lots of other resources such as lesson plans at its site.  The web
address is:
Another web site that I like is hosted by the Center for Adolescent and
Family Studies.  I happened to stumble upon it one day.  At the web
site, you can take a simple quiz to see what your classroom management
profile is.  It is quite interesting.  The web address is

William L Katzenberger, Jr.
Media Specialist
Dodge Park Elementary School
3401 Hubbard Road
Landover, MD 20785

Mine may be of interest to resource room/ inclusion/ LD teachers: .  This newsletter has links to a couple
of excellent ESL sites: (scroll down to
"other vocabulary links")

Susan Jones
Academic Development Specialist
Academic Development Center
Parkland College
Champaign, IL  61821

It is a little more for elementary but I think all grades can find
something useful.

Frances Murphy
Media Specialist
Mason Elementary School
Laurel, MS  Internet  Ency. of Philosophy

Sheppard Software
Farmer's Almanac
Chemistry: Periodic Table

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