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At our school, major tests such as Semester and Finals, are taken in
absolute silence. No coats or other books, etc., no ties, and only short
sleeve shirts are allowed. No snacks and no leaving for any reason.  Time is
given beforehand for restroom breaks, etc. Once the test starts no one is
allowed in and there is no movement except by the proctor. Students must
stay a minimum amount of time and then those that have finished are allowed
to quietly leave. 

Other tests that are required (Ohio Graduate Test, AP tests, etc.,
Standardized tests) are treated the same. 

One final note: Semester and Finals are so serious here that any
infringement of the rules - or appearance of infringement - is construed as
cheating and the result is an immediate full letter grade deduction and the
student has the test taken away and must sit quietly until the testing
period is over and then he takes a similar test at a later date.

Our students have been told that any other required test (OGT, etc) is also
serious and any disregard for the test taking rules will mean an immediate
flunking of the test. Since most of these tests are important for getting
scholarships, etc. they take them seriously indeed. In the case of the OGT,
they have been told that if they don't pass because of foolishness, they
will be required to go to summer sessions and then must pass it before they
will be allowed back next school year. 

Toni Koontz
St. Charles Preparatory School
Columbus Ohio
Carpe Diem 

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