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The primary purpose of this is to post a hit to my latest inquiry.  I am
also appending  the responses to an earlier question about HS staffing.
In the midst of collecting responses to my earlier question, I was called
away for 11 days due to family illness.  My apologies.  I'm still playing

If you were expecting or hoping for THE ANSWER to staffing patterns,
press the delete key now.  I can detect no pattern.  I do detect an all
to common library syndrome --- we are too busy doing what we are doing to
think about what we are doing.

The one commonality in the responses is that one of the team of two or
more has by default or design or interest taken responsibility for

The responses:

- split duties evenly ... I handle budget & computer problems ... other
librarian does bulletin boards.
- division according to DEPARTMENTS (instruction, acquistions)...
assistant handles "AV responsibilities."
- from Dave Loertcher, divide the curriculum & concentrate on
resource-based learning.  Divide admin by prefeence.
-clearly defined AV duties --- production, downloads, taping, etc.  All
other duties "combined effort."
-technology v reader's advisement (formerly print v nonprint)
-technology v young adult literature (in practice, lines are blurred ---
"We both feel very strongly that share the responsibility provides the
best service for Ss & faculty."
-administrative (budget, paper pushing, orders, teaching, AV instruction
and processing) v "computer person."  Ordering decisions made jointly.
-administrative stuff v cataloging.  Acquisitions: fiction & best sellers
v non-fiction (MS librarian does YA)
-print v nonprint, equipment, & computers.
-print plus preparing for automation v nonprint plus cataloging ---
instruction & floor time shared.
-"we still have not formally divided responsibilities....I think when a
place (any place) is staffed by 2 or 3, it becomes more important that
they like and respect each other than that distinct lines of demarcation
are set down."

I will end on that note and hope that this "HIT" will stimulate further

Addendum on staffing patterns (with apologies).  My left brain REALLY
wants to put this in a database.  My CONSCIENCE says "down, compulsive
side, just post the results and go on."  Guess who won:

2300, 2 SLMS, 2 para, 1 part time student.
2500, 1/2 SLMS, 1 para (3 responses of this nature --- all from, you
guessed it --- CA --- hang in there!)
2100, 2 SLMS, 1 para
4000, 3 SLMS, para for couple of periods
2900, 1 LMC coordinator, 1 reference lib, 1 cataloger, 1 circ lib, 2
teacher asst's, 1 TV media specialist, 1 AV media specialist (the latter
two have full time teaching responsibilities)
3100, 3 SLMS
2300, 2 SLMS, 1 secretary
2300, 1 SLMS, 2 para
2500, 1 SLMS, 2.5 para
2552, 3 SLMS, 1 teacher clerk, .5 para, 1 COE student
2100, 1 director, 3 SLMS, 2 clerks, 1 secretary, 2 AV techs
2000, 2 SLMS, 2 para
2000, 2 SLMS, 2 para
3300, 1 SLMS, 1 para
2500, 1 SLMS, 1 teacher asst, 1 clerk
2700, 1 SLMS, 1 teacher asst, .3 clerk
2300, 2 SLMS, 2 para, 1 secretary
2300, 1.5 SLMS, 1 secretary, 1 AV tech, .2 para

Unless as noted, I attempted to "standardize" the descriptors (SLMS,
para, etc.)  Thanks to all who contributed.

Julie A. Walker                         District Media Center
Director, Library & Media Services      13401 Pond Springs Rd.
Round Rock ISD                          Austin, TX  78729
jawalker@tenet.edu                      512-331-6697/512-331-1811 (FAX)

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