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bibliography 11/08/00 Jane Bailey
TECH: Publisher 97 11/08/00 Lorraine Barker
SEC: AUPs--Annual or once? 11/08/00 Frances Aley
GEN:CNN/NR 11/7/00 11/08/00 Jackie Yambert, Margaretta H.S.
Re: SEC: AUPs--Annual or once? 11/08/00 Pollyanna Roberts
SHARE: Veteran's Day Activity starts tomorrow! 11/08/00 Jody Newman
ELEM: Baby book suggestion 11/08/00 Jill Lovett-Fulton
GEN: Demco subject labels changing 11/08/00 Johanna Halbeisen
TARGET: Hi School Tech Plans 11/08/00 Lyon, James (LHS)
Target: Books of legends and folktales 11/08/00 Allyson Cogan
GEN: Compensation for Staff Training 11/08/00 Louise Weber
TARGET: ELEM: dePaola autobiographical stories 11/08/00 library lady
target -disk purchase 11/08/00 Carolyn Christianson
Teens Best Book Survey Results - Teen Read Week 11/08/00 Esther Murphy
TARGET: Advice about technology for future librarians 11/08/00 Dr. Mary Ann Bell
Target: Books on Slaves 11/08/00 Charlotte Poole
GEN: Copyright question 11/08/00 Paige Ysteboe
Re: GEN: Copyright question 11/08/00 Brig C. McCoy
TECH: Netscape Default Page Setup Settings 11/08/00 Chris Koppenhaver
REF: Laura Bush 11/08/00 <Toni Buzzeo>
Crazy Lady and Captain Underpants 11/08/00 Amy Madzinski
HIT: SEC: Literary Criticism books 11/08/00 Carolyn Gierke
Re: GEN: Copyright question 11/08/00 Carol Simpson
Secondary - Cyber Book Club 11/08/00 nc Nester, Kathleen
Inaugurations Website now available on American Memory 11/08/00 Danna Bell-Russel
book recommendations for younger readers 11/08/00 Constance McGarry
Poem needed 11/08/00 Carri Nelson
TARGET: Ibn Buttuta 11/08/00 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
Tech: Netscape command 11/08/00 Claudia Mahlman
Election humor 11/08/00 Gail Grainger
TECH 11/08/00 Phyllis Miller
Re: Mouse ball and/or cheap mice <OPTICAL MOUSE> 11/08/00 Aaron Noll
Hit: Quote books 11/08/00 Phyllis R. Snipes
Target: Gore statement 11/08/00 Laura Mason
Tech: Thanks for Netscape command 11/08/00 Claudia Mahlman
After Hours Policies 11/08/00 Tom Zarrilli
Sec: Psychology 11/08/00 Rubaiyat
REF: Poetry Request 11/08/00 Storey, Sandy
Re: REF: Poetry Request 11/08/00 Carole Ashbridge
HIT: Alcohol and Election Day 11/08/00 Lyle, Nancy
Re: GEN: Computers in school libraries 11/08/00 Marsha Sallee
ELEM. AUTHOR 11/08/00 Roberta Moecker
Target: Evaluatin g the Collection 11/08/00 Von Bischoffshausen Gustavo
filters and political candidates 11/08/00 JSchaffner
SHARE: Shoes 11/08/00 Dawn Sardes
Share: Shoes, WITH URL 11/08/00 Dawn Sardes
TARGET: Famous People with LD 11/08/00 Rod and Lisa Dreesman
TARGET: Software Evaluation 11/08/00 Sandy Kelly
Re: REF: Poetry Request 11/08/00 Giulia Greenberg
French Encyclopedia 11/08/00 Marina Branner
TARGET: Book Adventure 11/08/00 pilsch
TARGET: looking for electric library article 11/08/00 Bev.Nelson
K-12 Internet Use Policy 11/08/00 Amy Browning
French encyclopedia / Spanish encyclopedia online 11/08/00 Marina Branner
TARGET: GRASSLANDS 11/08/00 Michele Knowles
Follow-up to TV/VCR use by parent groups 11/08/00 Jane Kantor
GEN:Reconsideration _Boy's Lie_ 11/08/00 Marilyn Beaird
Target:Tech. Office 00 11/08/00 Dorothy Black
GEN:District Library Coordinator 11/08/00 Pat Jones
ATTN: Gregory Lum, Astoria, OR 11/08/00 sandy bucher
Happy Holidays in many languages? 11/09/00 Liz Dodds
Re: TARGET: ELEM: dePaola autobiographical stories 11/09/00 Kim Gordon
TARGET: curriculum integrated bibliographic instruction: what 11/09/00 lynn opinante
Re: GEN: N.H. courts allows turn over of Internet logs 11/09/00 Peter G. Mohn
TARGET>Endangered Species Websites 11/09/00 Anne Busch
Re: GEN: Newbery Candidates 11/09/00 Ann Woodrow
Poem: I love the look of words 11/09/00 Barbara
AUP - Annual or once 11/09/00 Dianne & Ken
GEN: 11/09/00 Stephanie Dreyer
YA book survey 11/09/00 Barber
Re: After Hours Policies 11/09/00 Tom Zarrilli
Poem request 11/09/00 Emily Smith
GEN: Contest for educational videos 11/09/00 Loretta Johnson
HIT: dePaola autobiographical stories 11/09/00 library lady
HIT: Merry Christmas in Many Languages 11/09/00 Darlene DeHudy
TARGET: SEC Research 11/09/00 Mary Pierce
GEN: FROST POEMS NEEDED 11/09/00 Judy Stewman
GEN: New Library Computers 11/09/00 Lewis, Mary Stewart
HIT: Copyright Question 11/09/00 Paige Ysteboe
Sec: Book Challenge 11/09/00 Adams, Cheryl
Frost Poems Found 11/09/00 Judy Stewman
Target: Need picture book title 11/09/00 Betty Resch
Poem title? 11/09/00 Phyllis R. Snipes
Re: REF: Laura Bush 11/09/00 S. Griffith
Hit: picture book title 11/09/00 Betty Resch
Books of monetary value. 11/09/00 Sharon Hamilton
GEN: To Fiche or not to fiche 11/09/00 Mark Williams
REF: Mis-minted Coin 11/09/00 Virjean Griensewic
HIT: Video found 11/09/00 Betty Klein
Re: YA BOOK SURVEY SECOND TRY 11/09/00 Carolyn Gierke
elem: stargirl 11/09/00 George Boyer
REF: need project idea for digital video 11/09/00 fran fransen
Re: REF: Laura Bush 11/09/00 <Toni Buzzeo>
Target: Industrial Revolution Websites 11/09/00 SCHEU, SUSAN
Re: GEN: To Fiche or not to fiche 11/09/00 Donald Pippin
TAR: student sites for homework sharing and teacher bashing 11/09/00 Kathy Thomson
Target-> Palm Pilot Device Recommendation 11/09/00 Judy Evans
Re: Laura Bush Biography Info 11/09/00 Johnson, Barbara
REF: Audio book of The Jungle 11/09/00 Kay Goss

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