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REQ:Typewriter manual needed 12/02/96 Sharon A. Nardelli
Target: Hello 12/04/96 bjrowan
Target: Gingerbread Houses 12/19/96 bjrowan
ELEM Blended/multi-age/ mixed classes 09/29/97 Georgia Richards
tech help: removing adhesive from CD 10/01/97 Georgia Richards
removing adhesive from CDs 10/02/97 Georgia Richards
Tech Help: a moaning Power Mac 10/05/97 Georgia Richards
barcodes 11/25/97 SUSAN FULMER
Re: Numbers Phone Book 11/30/97 Jim Mahoney
GEN: Subject-Line Designations List (fwd) 12/01/97 Gabe Gancarz
Dust Bowl Fiction - Thanks 12/01/97 Marge Congress
GEN: Accelerated Reader 12/01/97 Roz Goodman
TECH: Card Cataloguing Software 12/01/97 Patti Meyer
REF, MIDDLE: Info on videos about space 12/01/97 Debbie Heitzenrater
TECH: National Geog CD Price correction 12/01/97 Suzanne Weinheimer
REF: Triathalons 12/01/97 Richard R. Shook
REF,SEC: Latin 12/01/97 Ellen Hunter
REF: Quote - Twas not my ear... Judy Garland 12/01/97 Fred Muller Newton
HIt: Mac Winnebago 4.0 12/01/97 Gail Grainger
Hatchet Video 12/01/97 Deborah Boutwell
ELEM: Skills Bank? 12/01/97 Webb, Jill
Fund raisers for PTO 12/01/97 Don McCoy
Target: Cataloging Small Theological Libraries 12/01/97 Hildegard Pleva
TECH: Books with CD-ROMS/diskettes 12/01/97 MS_HERBERT
Re: REF: Uncle Bob's Christmas Page? 12/01/97 Dan Robinson / Indexing Services
The Giver - Lowry 12/01/97 Alvarez, Diana
ELEM Thesaurus 12/01/97 West Road School
Crossword Puzzle Software 12/01/97 Jo-Anne Cooper
Gen: Needed 19th century teacher standards 12/01/97 craig stearns
HIT: READ-ALOUDS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOLERS; thanks, and a list! 12/01/97 Jeff Hastings
Re: Proposed Media Program Cuts 12/01/97 p robertson
Target: Christmas Messages 12/01/97 Ludwick, Mary
Re: Hatchet video thanks 12/01/97 Deborah Boutwell
MID: Canada only 12/01/97 Aughinbaugh - Dianne
MID : Looking for Christmas short story/chapter 12/01/97 Joanne Proctor
TECH: Bulk ink for printers 12/01/97 Linda Mowery
Holiday wishes in other languages 12/01/97 Magitronic
GEN-Video? 12/01/97 LYNNE STYPE
Elem?: target> mistletoe story 12/01/97 Sharon Krebs
[Fwd: ALA's cybercollection of 700+ sites for kids] 12/01/97 Michael & Tamara Newman
HIT: Christmas Carol spoof 12/01/97 Karen A. Hoth
Cynthia Voigt 12/01/97 Judy Foltz
TARGET:end-of-year service 12/01/97 Sue Buryanek
REF: National Geographic CD 12/01/97 Megan Volmer
REF: ELEM: Books and websites about Kwanza 12/01/97 Megan Volmer
GEN: Jingle Bells trivia 12/01/97 Nancy Hall
GEN: Jingle Bells trivia 12/01/97 Nancy Hall
SEC: Discover CD 12/01/97 GeorgeAnne Draper
HUMOR: Martha Stewart's holiday calendar 12/01/97 Cheryl Nielsen
SIRS 12/01/97 Redwood Day School
tech:scanner suggestions? 12/01/97 George Boyer
GREET: Request from NJ 12/01/97 Josephine Dervan
target: how to cite internet sites in bibliographies? 12/01/97 Lucia C. de Trevino
Target: Plagiarism 12/01/97 Joyce Valenza
Re: Easing Holiday stress 12/01/97 South Park C Schirra
GEN: Need copy of short story, "Thanksgiving Hunter", 12/01/97 Frances Rash
ELEM: Books Over the Holidays? 12/01/97 JOYCE H NELSON
WA only Elementary 12/01/97 R. Jean Gustafson
GEN: TOTY Award 12/01/97 Pat Pickard
Re: GEN: Jingle Bells trivia 12/01/97 Marian S. Colclasure
Baron Institute-Conn 12/01/97 Carole Beckwith
h.s.social studies media 12/01/97 Carole Beckwith
copyrright and the Internet 12/01/97 reader_damon
LM_NET FAQ December 1, 1997 (item #2 changed) 12/01/97 Susan Baker
Re: How to cancel LM_NET? 12/01/97 Patricia Lee Wassink
GEN: Berry's World Cartoon 12/1/97 12/01/97 Karen DeFrank
GEN: Weed of the Month Club 12/01/97 Karen DeFrank
GEN: Board Games 12/01/97 Karen DeFrank
HIT: Portrait of our times 12/01/97 Ed & Sue Everson
TARGET: Ann Wynne 12/01/97 Martha Clement
Re: ELEM: Books Over the Holidays? 12/01/97 Wilson L. Breeden
Re: copyrright and the Internet 12/01/97 Carol Simpson
Re: Hatchet Video 12/01/97 Cecelia L. Solomon 352-544-6465
HIT: Puzzle Name 12/01/97 Education Central
ELEM: Needed: Christmas activity ideas 12/01/97 W & S Koontz
TECH: Security devices for 3 1/4" floppy disk drives 12/01/97 Rena Deutsch
Re: Need a book /Saudia Arabia 12/01/97 Jeane Campbell
Canadian Books for Children and Young Adults 12/01/97 Pat Elliott
GEN: Outta Site! 12/01/97 Dale Copps
ELEM-target: your five favorite cd-roms 12/01/97 Diane Holzheimer
Re: TECH: Security devices for 3 1/4" floppy disk drives 12/01/97 Carol Simpson
MASS only-job opening 12/01/97 Diane Holzheimer
Winter Olympic teaching unit and connecting links 12/01/97 Pat Elliott
Sec. North Central Guidelines 12/01/97 Karen L. Weaver
3rd grade level book on Russia 12/01/97 Marybeth Bean
SEC, TECH: Advice re: student-use camcorder? 12/01/97 User
TARGET, SEC: CD ROMs for CD ROM stack 12/01/97 User
TECH: Netscape printing 12/01/97 Sue Berger
MID School Book selection 12/02/97 James Johnson
Hit: More Winnebago Mac 4.0 12/02/97 Gail Grainger
Target: MID: Books for Christian boys 12/02/97 Gayle Hodur
Re: target: how to cite internet sites in bibliographies? 12/02/97 James W. Neal
HIT: TECH: Monitor of large TV 12/02/97 Nancy Hall
Re: TECH: Netscape printing 12/02/97 Gabe Gancarz
GEN: Please help with Cataloging Survey 12/02/97 Tricia Volore
Re: TECH: Netscape printing text with black background 12/02/97 Gabe Gancarz
Re: How to cancel LM_NET? 12/02/97 Jody Gerlock
Tech: Removing Netscape News 12/02/97 Dunn Elementary School
TARGET, ELEM: Gingerbread Boy Origin 12/02/97 Dale Copps
TARGET, ELEM: Resources on Light for K-2 12/02/97 Dale Copps

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