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HIT: Opaque Projector 03/02/88 Jody Turner
GEN: Video Distributors 03/03/88 Jody Turner
GEN: Retirement Gift 03/07/88 Jody Turner
HIT: Retirement Book Gift 03/07/88 Jody Turner
HIT: Retirement Book Gift (2nd update) 03/08/88 Jody Turner
REPLY TO GAS PRICES 12/01/99 W Grimes
Re: ALA Summer Conference in Chicago 02/29/00 Gordon Riley
TARGET: New Hampshire regarding Flying Solo by Fletcher 02/29/00 Linda Friedman
Hit: Harry Potter being challanged? 02/29/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Air Conditioning for the library 02/29/00 Jill Pack
UPDATE: Porn email virus 02/29/00 Deena Wells
SPAM on hotmail 02/29/00 Ronnie O'Brien
per capita spending 02/29/00 Fran Hoffman
SOFTWARE: Learning Expedition 03/01/00 Sherry Wallace
Hit: TARGET: AGE OF COLLECTION 03/01/00 Gail Clotman
HIT:Arthur goes to camp/hidden names 03/01/00 Taylor, Tracy -Trimble Media
UPDATED> Lesson Plan Links Website - March 1, 2000 03/01/00 Gleason Sackmann
BOOK: Spirit Seeker by Nixon 03/01/00 Frederick Muller
statistics 03/01/00 Larson, Sandy (EW)
Tracy Ansley Only 03/01/00 Kay Goss
HIT: SEC: Templates for reviews 03/01/00 Carolyn Gierke
Re: medical question 03/01/00 Ruth Ann Noe
TARGET: School Librarian Vacancy in Illinois 03/01/00 Kathy Clair
TARGET SEC: Alum survey 03/01/00 LindaSmith
GEN: dates/theme for National Library Week? 03/01/00 Kathy Turner
Re: Books to use with - or in place of - To Kill a Mockingbird 03/01/00 Toby Zabinski
HB 324 03/01/00 Marcum, Karen
query: poem "Dorlan's Home Walk" 03/01/00 Shelly Beseda
Target: Authors to visit, Illinois only 03/01/00 Linda Lucke
REF: Why is an ottoman (footstool) called an ottoman? 03/01/00 Rena Deutsch
HIT: Camcorders 03/01/00 Caty Micklewright
Holocaust Booktalks - Middle 03/01/00 Karen Perry
Target: Book title 03/01/00 Grigsby, Susan
REF: Any challenges to CS Lewis? 03/01/00 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
Apple II E programs 03/01/00 James Johnson
TARGET: Turning of the Screw 03/01/00 Suby Wallace
Gen: Video company info 03/01/00 Lou Brewer
Downloading Marc records with Macintosh 03/01/00 Brad Riffel
No mail? 03/01/00 Endlich, Rebecca (OHE)
TARGET:Explosions 03/01/00 Endlich, Rebecca (OHE)
Yellowstone fire video 03/01/00 Christine House
Hit: Independent School Librarians: Status 03/01/00 Sandra Krieg
challenged books 03/01/00 Carolyn Roys
HIT: Teaching Magazine Use in Primary 03/01/00 Thomas David Rompf
HIT:MIDDLE, SEC: Advisory Committee part 1 03/01/00 Corey Current
HIT:MIDDLE, SEC: Advisory Committee part 2 03/01/00 Corey Current
Perseverance 03/01/00 Kirsten Innes
Beloved Belinda ? 03/01/00 Nied, John
Controversy curiosity? 03/01/00 Patricia Clark-Erskine
Motivating Teachers Additonal 03/01/00 Diane Chen
HIT Reference 03/01/00 Cliff Smith
GEN : Challenges and banned books 03/01/00 Jenni Elliott
Exciting Spring Workshops 03/01/00 Karen Novick
UPDATED> HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - March 1, 2000 03/01/00 Gleason Sackmann
TECH: equipment policies 03/01/00 Pat Dalpiaz
ELEM: Grouping K-5 in Families/Pods 03/01/00 Linda Perez
Recent Editor Note in The Book Report 03/01/00 David Schneider
TARGET, SEC: Mythology / Folklore Textbook 03/01/00 Rose Schneider
Humor:Things you'll never hear a librarian say 03/01/00 Doyle_Tony
Elem. Great Books series 03/01/00 Enid Sperber
media evaluations 03/01/00 Cornfield Ann
African Am inventors 03/01/00 Elizabeth Bentley
Humor: Things you Won't Hear A Teacher Say 03/01/00 Ludwick Mary
Native American Tools, Weapons, and Instruments 03/01/00 Lisa Jessup
Writing a Review 03/01/00 Mary Ann Shaffer
my first budget metg. 03/01/00 Terri Wilson
TARGET: Info on Jason Tolentino 03/01/00 Charlyn Trussell
reading statistics 03/01/00 Michelle Cowell
HIT: If you give a mouse a cookie 03/01/00 Randi Hermans
Target:Middle Low Reading Biography Suggestions 03/01/00 Janet Johns
Re: Visually Impaired Students Using Computers 03/01/00 K&L DeFrank
NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK 03/01/00 Beverly Young
Sec: Library Assistant Syllabus 03/01/00 Leslie Lomers
HIT: Revolutionary War--Loyalist view 03/01/00 No Author
TARGET-> Internet Workshops for Parents 03/01/00 Heather Karpinski
Re: apology 03/01/00 Mary Ann Shaffer
GEN: A HUGE Thank You for Greetings from around the world! 03/01/00 Gloria Pitsley
TARGET: Helen Lester contact information 03/01/00 Gloria Pitsley
REF: famous birthdays by MONTH 03/01/00 Alice Yucht
Gen: Is Maniac Magee by Spinelli on video tape? 03/01/00 judy simms
No Subject 03/01/00 No Author
Alexandria Thank You 03/01/00 Jennifer K. Nauman
Kayla Rolland-send condolences-Contact info? 03/02/00 Ishwarla Joshi
Gen: Harry Potter Challenge 03/02/00 Paula Laurita
TARGET: Quotation 03/02/00 Margaret Cunnama
TARGET: Lenten Traditions 03/02/00 Elizabeth Savage Kamke
Birthdays by month 03/02/00 Lynn Foltz
REF: music lyrics 03/02/00 Deanna Kennedy
Accelerated Reader 03/02/00 Karen Trukovich
HIT: help with book titles for MS gifted students 03/02/00 Tracy Ansley
Need Help 03/02/00 Thomas David Rompf
GEN: Links for Women's History Month 03/02/00 Garties, Peggy J.
NEWS: Benton releases E-Rate report 03/02/00 Andy Carvin
No Subject 03/02/00 No Author
Thanks for author visit info 03/02/00 Linda Lucke
GEN: Position announcement (fwd) 03/02/00 Peter Milbury
Re: Socrates quote 03/02/00 Cynthia Denning
HIT: Summary of book 03/02/00 Lillian Haist
HIT: challenged books list, reasons, and places 03/02/00 Carolyn Roys
Website for primaries? 03/02/00 Joanne Proctor

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