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Re: IP address 03/11/98 Angus Saunders
Re: faculty access to library 03/11/98 Michael Warner
Re: (no subject) 03/11/98 Michele Missner
SimCity 03/11/98 Horan, Terry
Local Author Brunch (California only) 03/11/98 KE Hones
Re: faculty access to library 03/11/98 Joni J Rathbun
Re: IP address 03/11/98 Dan Robinson / Indexing Services
HIT: middle school math websites 03/11/98 Deborah Pendleton
TARGET:Website info.needed 03/11/98 Debbie Lawton
GEN: Books to movies?? - specific titles 03/11/98 Marla Hall
HS Keypals 03/11/98 Muskegon Public Schools
Re: Green Books for March 03/11/98 Sue Blomendahl
More Internet dis-informtion 03/11/98 Harry Willems
TARGET: Boy's Sex Books 03/11/98 JD Darnall High School Library
REF: Def: canthaxanthin 03/11/98 MS LYNN J WILLARD
GEN: The Lettermen 03/11/98 Paula Zsiray
Internet Information Training 03/11/98 Harry Willems
Hit: Part of a Map 03/11/98 Georgia Richards
Author/Novel info 03/11/98 Mig Little Hayes
Re: SEC:English literature course? 03/11/98 Ken Umbach
GEN: library design 03/11/98 Lee Ann Kee
Storytelling websites needed. 03/11/98 Dawn Bassett
HS: Recommendation for Classroom Novel 03/11/98 Rubaiyat
Difference between Modern and Contemporary 03/11/98 Rubaiyat
JOBS: LIBRARY/TECH 03/11/98 Lisa Snyder
HIT> Printing selected text from Netscape 03/11/98 Sue Yahng
water skiiers: 2nd request 03/11/98 Sandy Longmeier
GEN: ordering info for journal issue 03/11/98 Elizabeth Hart
Re: Peter Millbury 03/11/98 Elizabeth Soltysiak
SEC: REF: Amazon 03/11/98 Librarian
Re: TARGET: Boy's Sex Books 03/11/98 Earl Sande
Request for Proposal samples 03/11/98 Barbara J keesey
Inventory-Thank you 03/11/98 SHARON ARNDT
MID: Criteria for Realistic Fiction 03/11/98 Dorian Garbin
Bound to Stay Bound 03/11/98 Cynthia Schulz
WESTERN NY ONLY - Article needed 03/11/98 Carolyn Gierke
Accelerated reader and electronic bookshelf 03/11/98 Susan Salpini
Target: ELEM: The Giver 03/11/98 Debbie Reed
HIT: Sec: Science CD-ROMs 03/11/98 JoAnn Lazzeri
K-6 BOOKS DOMESTIC PROBLEMS 03/11/98 Helen Taylor
Re: REF: Black National Anthem 03/11/98 George Anne Draper
TARGET: Software LIKE Creative Writer? 03/11/98 Doris Renfro, Lib., So. Range Mid. Sch.
Re: LM_NET Digest - 11 Mar 1998 - Special issue 03/11/98 Melissa Bergin
ELEM: Books about making choices 03/11/98 Melissa Bergin
Holocaust maps -3 03/11/98 DHMS515
Re: Request for Proposal samples 03/11/98 Barbara J keesey
REF: word and phrase origins, foreign words 03/11/98 Ken Umbach
Poet Florence Wallach Freed--nationality? 03/11/98 Carolyn Pearl
Long Holocaust Map Hit 03/11/98 DHMS515
booking systems 03/11/98 Ruth Smith
Greetings - 2nd call 03/11/98 DHMS515
Fwd: Greetings - 2nd call 03/11/98 DHMS515
HIT: Library Positions 03/11/98 Franziska Turrell
Thanks for Author Info 03/11/98 Franziska Turrell
Re: HIT: Library Positions 03/11/98 Franziska Turrell
HIT: Encyclopedias for Elementary Schools 03/11/98 LORI LORANGER
Haiku 03/11/98 Michele Missner
Fund Raiser Ideas 03/11/98 Jennifer Yost
Re: viruses and World War I 03/11/98 TPelusi
Copyright question 03/11/98 Frederick Muller
ELEM: Keypal for Portugese student 03/11/98 Linda Hartman
Request 03/11/98 Woodglen Middle School
HIT:Reading Contests for Middle School 03/11/98 KEF22872
No Subject 03/11/98 Mike and Kathy Clair
TECH: Netscape Printing Problem 03/11/98 Kay Goss
Medical references 03/11/98 Patricia Lee Wassink
JOBS: 3 Library Media Specialists Needed (fwd) 03/11/98 Peter Milbury
Re: REF: Black National Anthem 03/11/98 Patricia Copelin
GEN: NEEDED one Slave picture 03/11/98 Paul & Deborah Connell
Hit: Sexual Development books for Boys 03/11/98 Mary Ludwick
Hit: Sex Books for Boys 03/11/98 Mary Ludwick
SEC: Ref 03/11/98 Marie A. Baker
GEN:Challenge to Schindler's List 03/11/98 Alice Romberger
Sec: IL Author Visit 03/11/98 Marilyn E. Barnes
GEN: forgotten book title 03/11/98 Jacqueline A. C. Keith
JQAdams 03/11/98 Marty King, Media Specialist
TARGET, ELEM: sci-fi, fantasy, mystery 03/11/98 David E. Messina
Re: March madness 03/11/98 Carolyn Bierworth
Athena problems 03/11/98 Madeline Buchanan
MA only: Massachusetts Children's Book Awards 03/11/98 CUA VCU
Computer labs vs. clusters 03/11/98 Paula Heinze
Copyright Page Info 03/11/98 Susan Morris
Gen: grant sources requested 03/11/98 Diana Rodriguez
Needed Phonetic Spelling for Ballaghaderreeen 03/11/98 Floy Hamilton
HIT: mission statements 03/11/98 Linda Slacum
Re: Libraries=Bookstores 03/11/98 Heidi Rawson-Ketchum
Hit: Caldecott Medal (Long) 03/11/98 Barbara Stricker
Thanks for book title 03/11/98 Monica Kemp
HIT: Law-related Fiction 03/11/98 Annette Felix
Thanks for Book Title 03/11/98 Bonnie Hopkins
Win 95 03/12/98 Petra Pershall
Gen: Union Catalog questions 03/12/98 Edward and Susan Abair
! San Francisco may get new book policy at HS 03/12/98 Barb Engvall
Netscape Mail Question 03/12/98 Karen Brostad
ELEM: 5 senses story-line needed 03/12/98 JoAnn K.
Re: Lettermen - THANKS! 03/12/98 Paula Zsiray
HIT: Clarisworks templates 03/12/98 Cathy Daane
Ques: Quotation changed by filter 03/12/98 Kathy Geronzin

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