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Re: library cash 01/08/97 Mary Knox
Positive Librarian Article 01/08/97 Joan Miller
Re: SEC POEM: The Lorelei 01/08/97 Cletus Schirra
WUG Meeting Announcement-Midwinter ALA 01/08/97 Cindy Sutherland
Antarctic Web site 01/08/97 Joan Miller
GEN: cost estimate for slides 01/08/97 Jody Gerlock
Book Motif Necktie Source 01/08/97 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
GEN- Snow Amounts 01/08/97 nehrinm
ELEM : tall tale unit 01/08/97 Cyd Hanson
ELEM: Rev. War Read-aloud? 01/08/97 George Boyer
ELEM: Penguin Web Sites 01/08/97 Jennifer Burger
GEN: Praise for Dover Publications 01/08/97 Kay Goss
Need Journal Article 01/08/97 Diane Culbertson
Re: SEC:WWW site needed 01/08/97 Laurel A. Morgan
GEN: Need Course Outline for Study Skills Class 01/08/97 Peter Milbury
Keyboard Computers Alpha-Type? 01/08/97 Bonnie Shanks
Re: ELEM: volcano tales 01/08/97 Deborah Marie Collier
REF: Famous pairs 01/08/97 Terry Guenther
dinosaur websites 01/08/97 Jackie Groves
Re: REF: Famous pairs 01/08/97 Roberta Hope Moecker
Thanks for the greetings! 01/08/97 Bonnie LaClave
HIT: Teaching OPAC to 2nd Grade 01/08/97 Matthew Beall
REF: Who's Who or St. Martin's Press 01/08/97 Kay Goss
GEN: Wire Book Supports? 01/08/97 Kay Goss
GEN: Arkansas only 01/08/97 GeorgeAnne Draper
Target: Activities for Pooh Day Jan 18 01/08/97 Floyd Graham Elementary
Teacher/prefects in the library 01/08/97 Nancy Donnellan
ESL catalogs 01/08/97 Cathy Johnson
Target: Staff development programs 01/08/97 MBARKAN
Re: NY STATE ONLY MATH S and S 01/08/97 Dick Brulotte
Native Americans - constellations 01/08/97 Gretchen Baldauf
GEN: Public Libraries _and_ School Libraries 01/08/97 Patt Moser
Re: Matt Christopher 01/08/97 Kathy Simonsen
HIT: REF: Cinderella themes 01/08/97 Yapha Mason
HIT, ELE: Checkout Limits (Part 2) 01/08/97 Yapha Mason
HIT-5th grade state reports 01/08/97 Michele Pozner
HIT, ELE: Checkout Limits (Part 3) 01/08/97 Yapha Mason
HIT, ELE: Checkout Limits (Intro) 01/08/97 Yapha Mason
HIT, ELE: Checkout Limits (part 1) 01/08/97 Yapha Mason
Health and PE Curriculum Alignment 01/08/97 Carrie Jo Parmley
Re: Positive Librarian Article 01/08/97 Robert Koreis
HIT: Part2: Changing Role of Librarians 01/08/97 joan rosen
No Subject 01/08/97 Joan Kimball
Microsoft Office &others. HIT 1 01/08/97 Joan Kimball
HIT: High School Periodical Databases 01/08/97 Union Endicott High School
TARGET: Evaluations for Library Media Specialists 01/08/97 Sharon Slaney
100% Educational Videos Company 01/08/97 Joan Kimball
ELEM/MID:Chocolate Theme Books 01/08/97 Pam Tinker
king and queen 01/08/97 Jackie Norris
Cabot 500 Web Site 01/08/97 Terry Roberts
GEN: IDAHO ONLY:COOKBOOKS 01/08/97 Gibbons - Deborah
San Francisco area only 01/08/97 Elaine Woods
No more famous pairs 01/08/97 Terry Guenther
Need e-mail address from Thailand 01/08/97 Roberta Hope Moecker
HIT: 8th Grade Classroom Novel Suggestions 01/08/97 John Lees
HIT>Internet Advocate? 01/09/97 Kathleen Gentili
French cataloging records 01/09/97 Lex Systems Inc.
Hit: Aztec Names 01/09/97 John Lees
HIT: Post office unit 01/09/97 Gayle Hodur
Hawaii /Ethics? 01/09/97 Pat Wallace
Hawaii Legislature Looks into Contract with B&T 01/09/97 Pat Wallace
scheduling/but not the kind you think! (fwd) 01/09/97 Terry Harp
No Subject 01/09/97 Pati Daisy
Summer Reading 01/09/97 Marion Solovay
EL: Reading recovery 01/09/97 Bev
public and school libraries 01/09/97 Linda Nichols
Technology Conference 01/09/97 Thea Jones
Gen: Patterning Books 01/09/97 Tammi Mitchell
GEN: Big Reading Incentives 01/09/97 Tammi Mitchell
No Subject 01/09/97 Francine Eppelsheimer
GEN: Go Ask Alice 01/09/97 Ron Sorensen
Target: 5th Grade Explorer Unit 01/09/97 Charlotte Poole
K-3 International Peace Museum 01/09/97 Herman, Marian
Target: Electric Library 01/09/97 Gladys Furness
REF: Tap Dance Book 01/09/97 Fred Muller Newton
Re: ALA Midwinter meeting 01/09/97 Susan Burstein
TARGET: elementary weather ideas 01/09/97 Odile M. Heisel
professional review 01/09/97 Kristel Mayberry
Re: Card Cats 01/09/97 Tillie
GEN: National Teacher Appreciation Day 01/09/97 Alicia Astorga
Staff Development 01/09/97 Viviane Lampach
GEN: video purchase 01/09/97 Vicki Yablonsky
Executive Director position - AASL/YALSA - Search extended 01/09/97 Esther Murphy
GEN: School and Public Libraries 01/09/97 Jean Tennant
Tech- Virus Protection 01/09/97 Mary Buitendorp
e-mail address 01/09/97 Barbara Vassey
100 days of school 01/09/97 Pam Thomeczek
Target: Caldecott 01/09/97 lois smits
Pooh patterns 01/09/97 Janet Elliott
Re: Target: Caldecott 01/09/97 Mary E. Hall 352-955-6712
ELEM: Caldecott unit 01/09/97 Linda Taylor
TECH: Satellite dish 01/09/97 Rychie Nelson
Booking Systems 01/09/97 Ken Winkelman
GEN: CD-ROM ENCYCLOPEDIAS 01/09/97 Cheryl W. Stevens
Oprah addresses 01/09/97 Charlotte Bell
DO YOU KNOW THIS POEM? 01/09/97 Nancy Pensa
New Jersey Area 01/09/97 Monika Sisbarro
High Interest Low Vocabulary 01/09/97 Eileen Glazik
The Golden Compass - anbaric power 01/09/97 Laura Richards

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