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professional dreams 01/07/97 Priscilla Bennett
Gen: Simple Reference Materials Online 01/07/97 Hinchingbrooke School
Request for greetings 01/07/97 Julie Hooper
Summer Reading 01/07/97 GINNY MCKEE
Reviews of Lowry's _Giver_ 01/07/97 Suzanne Weinheimer
HIT: SEC Class scheduling policies/problems, part 1 01/07/97 Pantginis, Tina
ELEM:Teaching OPAC to 2nd grade 01/07/97 Matthew Beall
HIT: SEC Class scheduling policies/problems, part 1 01/07/97 Pantginis, Tina
All the children are above average 01/07/97 John Henne
GEN:?Doubling space-how to reshelve 01/07/97 SCHLnet LMNET Newsgroup
Elem : Nature unit snowshoes 01/07/97 Tomahawk Elementary School
TARGET: HS LIB.MAGAZNES 01/07/97 Ms. Castro
REF: Sophia Loren relation to Mussolini? 01/07/97 Janet Hofstetter
GEN: Public Libraries _and_ School Libraries 01/07/97 Mike Eisenberg
apple rumor 01/07/97 Sandra W. Griffith
Re: Adult mystery writers 01/07/97 Dr. Patricia Braun
ELEM: Books on cooperation 01/07/97 Tawana West
GEN: Standards for LMCs 01/07/97 Librarian
Carrollton (GA) High School only 01/07/97 EDUC_ND
Missouri Only! 01/07/97 Velda McMorris
Peruvian Traditions 01/07/97 Sarah Giddings
Class Ranking 01/07/97 Angus Saunders
SEC: audio tapes 01/07/97 Greenup County High School Library
Re: Grades 01/07/97 Alice M. Schmidt
GEN: Math 01/07/97 Beth Pounds (904)329-0569
GEN: Medical info source needed 01/07/97 Patricia Dalpiaz
Re: Summer Reading 01/07/97 Susan Weiss
portfolios and rubrics 01/07/97 Alice M. Schmidt
Public/high school merger 01/07/97 Terri Brunner
Re: GEN: Public Libraries _and_ School Libraries 01/07/97 Alice Yucht
GEN: Oops - Well-Connected Educator URL change! 01/07/97 Mike Eisenberg
Re: GEN: Public Libraries _and_ School Libraries 01/07/97 Mary Alice Anderson
GEN:video search 01/07/97 George Boyer
Re: Computer catalog/circulation systems 01/07/97 Kathy Geronzin
REF: Catholic Index 01/07/97 Richard R. Shook
February is... 01/07/97 Jody Gerlock
job sharing 01/07/97 Kathryn Fahey
Re: apple rumor 01/07/97 Linda Nichols
AV equipment 01/07/97 Marie A. Baker
Copyright on photos 01/07/97 Lisa Ellenberg
Gen:Job 01/07/97 GeorgeAnne Draper
GEN:1996 literary deaths 01/07/97 Jan Helene Moore
GEN: World Book CD 01/07/97 Judy Turner
TECH: HUMOR 01/07/97 Alice Yucht
Fwd: Re: GEN: Public Libraries _and_ School Libraries 01/07/97 Alice Yucht
Ref: Lyrics to Hail to the Chief 01/07/97 Verna M. Labounty
TARGET: Internet Explorer help please 01/07/97 Sarah Lantz
500th Anniversary! Please send greetings! 01/07/97 Terry Roberts
GEN: Pooh patterns 01/07/97 Vona Genelle Van Cleef
TARGET: Arctic Project 01/07/97 Marilyn McMahon
LM_NET FAQ (posting delayed by downed server) 01/07/97 Susan Baker
Request for greetings 01/07/97 Bonnie Laclave
GEN: Varsity Reading Services 01/07/97 Kathleen Thomas
Re: Summer Reading 01/07/97 Carol Wheat
Re: apple rumor 01/07/97 Janice Ziglin
Public Domain Scripts 01/07/97 Jean Rowan
Newt's tie 01/07/97 Judi Schmid
Books on Java 01/07/97 Tom Zarrilli
Re: further item about Apple for those concerned 01/07/97 Janice Ziglin
SEC:Networking the school computers 01/07/97 Bev Boyd
Re: apple rumor 01/07/97 Russell Smith
Gen: School and Public Library 01/07/97 Kathy Keck
TARGET: paperless application to teach, sub. 01/07/97 Edith LaForge
Elem: Stellaluna activities 01/07/97 Faith Van Putte
History of School Libraries 01/07/97 Barbara Lewis
ELEM: volcano tales 01/07/97 Laura Manthey
GEN: Delaware ONLY 01/07/97 Gibbons - Deborah
Re: portfolios and rubrics 01/07/97 Chuck Finnigan
GEN: Positions threatened/help wanted 01/07/97 Jamie Boston
Newbery Programs 01/08/97 Paula Laurita
ELEM: Teacher request 01/08/97 Gayle Hodur
Re: ELEM:Required summer reading programs 01/08/97 T. K. Cassidy
No Subject 01/08/97 Mary Helen Fischer
HIT: CD-ROM towers, etc. (part 2) 01/08/97 Mary Helen Fischer
Re: apple rumor 01/08/97 Mary Ann Shank
REF: Internet Advocate? 01/08/97 Kathleen Gentili
Target 01/08/97 Jeneva Burroughs
Re: Gen : Standards for LMCs 01/08/97 Librarian
TECH: Library software 01/08/97 Librarian
TECH:security system 01/08/97 Joan Sawyer
GEN: Rhode Island address 01/08/97 Rayna Patton
REF: Wolves Eyes 01/08/97 Sandi P. Wilkes 941-452-4311
The Crucible 01/08/97 Barbara Vassey
Re: teacher interview info 01/08/97 Bev
Need card cat 01/08/97 Tillie
Re: Elem: Stellaluna activities 01/08/97 Jeanette Carolyn Larson
NEW JERSEY & PA -- BLOCK SCHEDULE 01/08/97 ray barber
Re: GEN: Varsity Reading Services 01/08/97 Mary Alice Anderson
Web sites for states 01/08/97 Deany Wood
update on Sign of the Beaver movie 01/08/97 Mary L. Jarvis
REF: Slavery Suicide Stats. 01/08/97 Sandi P. Wilkes 941-452-4311
library cash 01/08/97 Terri Brunner
Mythology CD-ROM 01/08/97 Gittins, Tracy A.
need advice on tv/video equipment 01/08/97 Rita Doyle, K-12, Cedar Cliff Local, Cedarville, Ohio
Rejected posting to LM_NET@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU 01/08/97 Terri Brunner
Re: GEN: Medical info source needed 01/08/97 S. Peckham
Ref: Need World Cuktures/govt. books 01/08/97 CATHERINE SANTANGELO, BGMS LIBRARIAN"
new tv ratings for kids 01/08/97 Laurie Conzemius

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