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Booktalking for 8th graders 11/02/99 Nancy Keane
Jobs in Hawaii 11/02/99 Carol Lindner
Outspoken: role models from the lesbian and gay community 11/02/99 Christie Trout
Afghanistan women 11/02/99 Laura Viau
LCD Projectors 11/02/99 Becky Wojahn
Request for state postcards 11/02/99 Susan Sheil
Re: Prelutsky poems & songs/Nonfiction booktalking 11/02/99 Marcia Kochel
Answer: Maya Angelou Inaugural Poem source 11/02/99 Adam Janowski
REF: Fast Food Prices outside of U.S. 11/02/99 Cindy Dobrez
REF: Doughnut History 11/02/99 Mary Givins
Target: Illustrators Who Hide Items 11/02/99 Cathy Rae
GEN: GRoucho Marx quote? 11/02/99 tunafish
GEN: library statistics 11/02/99 Kimberly A. Ault
Turkey Talk! 11/02/99 SHARON K. COOKE
Re: Oct. 29 Channel One 11/02/99 Dr. Dana McDougald
HIT: Business Donation Letters 11/02/99 H. Grant
Re: Washington Post Article discussion 11/02/99 ~Meg~
Re: Turkey Talk! 11/02/99 Suby Wallace
Re: Target: Illustrators Who Hide Items 11/02/99 Patricia Mathews
ELEM: soc studies video needed 11/02/99 Johanna Halbeisen
HIT: Photocopying/Scanning Pictures and Copyright 11/02/99 Tracey Donaldson
Proquest? WilsonWeb? Electric Library? 11/02/99 Shelley Lochhead
Groucho Marx Quote 11/02/99 Kevin Smith
HIT: Searching LC site by ISBN 11/02/99 Judi O'Brien
FAME DATES 11/02/99 Belinda Pope
Source for Cassette Tape Players 11/02/99 Belinda Pope
GEN: Robinson Crusoe theme film 11/02/99 Jonnie Jordan
Easy Books 11/02/99 Yvonne Krishnan
Re: HIT: Photocopying/Scanning Pictures and Copyright 11/02/99 Carol Simpson
Web Page Pictures 11/03/99 Rosina Alaimo
MS: Trying to locate a textbook 11/03/99 bookworm@lightspeed.net
Re: HIT: Photocopying/Scanning Pictures and Copyright 11/03/99 bookworm@lightspeed.net
Re: Teachers and Restricting Book Choices 11/03/99 glassmaid
donut info thank you 11/03/99 Mary Givins
TARGET:Teaching Media Skills 8th grade 11/03/99 Bev Nelson
Re: Target: Illustrators Who Hide Items 11/03/99 Elizabeth Letterly
GEN: Harry Potter industry 11/03/99 Rayna Patton
Re: TARGET: citing primary sources 11/03/99 Kathryn Frech
Ray Bradbury 11/03/99 Georganna Krumlinde
Elem: Questionnaire 11/03/99 Beverly Schumann
Target: character traits 11/03/99 Faith Van Putte
After school hours 11/03/99 Lorraine Barker
signature 11/03/99 Faith Van Putte
computer problem 11/03/99 Shari Herlein
GEN: Gettysburg video 11/03/99 Karen Styczynski
Re: Easy Books 11/03/99 Sharon Arndt
HIT: Timeline software 11/03/99 Connie Welch
GEN--Re: Afghanistan women 11/03/99 Peter Milbury
Target: Encyclopedia of Creativity 11/03/99 Clete Schirra
Re: Easy Books 11/03/99 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
Re: Web Page Software: Frontpage vs Claris Home Page 11/03/99 Sandra W. Griffith
SEC: Need source of Poem (Spider & the Fly) 11/03/99 Peterson, Linda
Online courses 11/03/99 Bryce Johnson
TECH: Perpetual printing problems 11/03/99 Kay Goss
GEN: An Open Letter to Keith Swigger: The Importance of School Li 11/03/99 Mike Eisenberg
TARGET: Planning for the future 11/03/99 Cheryl Whitmore Stevens
Dav Pilkey and Denise Fleming 11/03/99 Judith K. Meyers
TARGET: catalog millennium book 11/03/99 Jill Smith
Re: Target: Davis school district, Bountiful UT only 11/03/99 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
Library Magnetic Security System 11/03/99 Taylor, Roseanne
Help with Poem!! 11/03/99 Stephanie Fiedler
list of adapted/abridged classics??? 11/03/99 Roselle Weiner
Gen: Radio call letters 11/03/99 Janet Hazen
TARGET: Library Web Pages 11/03/99 Sherry Noble
Play Summaries 11/03/99 Jennifer Young
SEC 11/03/99 Merrill Spaeth
Hit: Indian children poem 11/03/99 David A. Lindsey
HIT: KDKA 11/03/99 David A. Lindsey
Gen: Grants for School Districts Biweekly 11/03/99 Kathy Ellison
HIT: Help with Poem! 11/03/99 Stephanie Fiedler
Query 11/03/99 Caty Micklewright
Target: a readings or poem request 11/03/99 Holly Mabry
Re: Fritz in every Van Allsburg book. 11/03/99 Carin Barwick
Gen: Grand Canyon Suite 11/03/99 Susan LaFlamme
HIT: Big Six Displays 11/03/99 Stephanie Fiedler
Science World 11/03/99 Cindy Mitchell
Challenge 11/03/99 Herb Wilburn
SEC: Side by Side bilingual books 11/03/99 Cathy Belben (HS)
ELEM: Stories on the Web 11/03/99 Elizabeth Bentley
TARGET: Sociology Websites 11/03/99 Diane VanGorden
Target:Elementary: Mending Books??? 11/03/99 Cathy Atkins
TARGET: Non-Internet Publishers of Student Work 11/03/99 Linda De Vore
TECH: Help! just installed Netscape 4.7, having major trouble 11/03/99 Johanna Halbeisen
MID: Classroom Set Titles 11/03/99 H. Grant
Re: Sec. Bk Discussion Groups 11/03/99 Leslie Lomers
MASS only: a peek at what may come 11/03/99 Johanna Halbeisen
Re: PowerPt. Orientations? 11/03/99 Leslie Lomers
Re: SEC. Bk Discussion Groups 11/03/99 Leslie Lomers
Online bookmarks 11/03/99 Maryanne Donnelly
Target: science/literature lesson plans 11/03/99 Rodgers, Marie
GEN: www.lightspan.com 11/03/99 Alice Yucht
Gen: Michigan Only: Target buying a suit for job interview in the 11/03/99 Judy Seck
BOOK: Up country by Carter 11/03/99 Frederick Muller
Re: 8th grade media skills class 11/03/99 Bev Nelson
Target: Parent Contact system 11/03/99 Bev Nelson
Internship Position Wanted 11/03/99 Bernardine Lowery-Crute
Re: TARGET: Need copy of news program about middle schools.. 11/04/99 Pat Turner
ELEM: Computer Lab Rules? 11/04/99 Joyce H Nelson
Illustrator's Hidden Pictures 11/04/99 Cathy Rae
GEN: Harry Potter Industry 11/04/99 Jo Anne Collins

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