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ELEM: New Library Construction 2nd post 06/30/98 Rhonella Brelinski
QUERY: Biographies for Grades 1-5 06/30/98 Kate Wakefield
Target: Sunbelt Co. contact info. 06/30/98 William and Cynthia Carr
VT, ME, NV & ID librarians... 06/30/98 Tony L. Pope
Gen: WWW sites you may like 06/30/98 William and Cynthia Carr
JOB: ELEM (NEW YORK) 06/30/98 Joan Hammond
GEN:TRAVEL RESOURCE 07/01/98 Josephine Dervan
Alaskan cruise vacation 07/01/98 Marianne Gardoski
Web66: Over 12,000 School Web Home Pages 07/01/98 Stephen Collins
LM_NET FAQ July 1, 1998 (revised "spam" item) 07/01/98 Susan Baker
TRAVEL RESOURCE CORRECTION 07/01/98 Josephine Dervan
HIT: Biographies for Grades 1-5 07/01/98 Kate Wakefield
Re: Vacation 07/01/98 R. Jean Gustafson
HIT: state song 07/01/98 Cecelia L. Solomon 352-544-6465
life in the high school library-media center 07/01/98 Bonnie Halfpenny
Orientation 07/01/98 Kimberly Bauman
VACATION: Jackson, Wyoming 07/01/98 jocelyn shannon
Author/Tilte wAnted 07/01/98 Debra Kilcup
GEN: HIT> computer listserv 07/01/98 Kathy Bolster
JOBS: 07/01/98 Joanne Troutner
Back from 2 great days at ALA in DC 07/01/98 Judy Freeman
HUMOR 07/01/98 Lynn. Mitchell
Presentation Software 07/01/98 June Hardison
GEN: LM_Chat and how to get there! 07/01/98 Peter Milbury
CHAT: 4:00pm PST, Tuesday July 1 07/01/98 Gayle Hodur
TECH: Web Page for Alumni 07/01/98 Paula Galland
LM-Net Breakfast 07/01/98 T. K. Cassidy
Re: Alaskan cruise vacation 07/01/98 Jean Lowery
Niagara Falls 07/01/98 jan
Niagara Falls 07/01/98 jan
Target: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble stuffed toy 07/01/98 Barb Ehlers
Re: Orientation/library rules 07/01/98 Donna Steel Cook
Humor: In case you ever wondered. . . 07/01/98 Alice Yucht
Thanks for Sunbelt info. 07/02/98 William and Cynthia Carr
Re: TARGET:TECH:CD-ROM vs Web Access 07/02/98 rich tabis
Information Power Training Institute 07/02/98 Pam Tinker
***> NEW-LIST Moves to the Internet Scout Project <*** 07/02/98 Gleason Sackman
HIT: state song (part 2) 07/02/98 Cecelia L. Solomon 352-544-6465
HIT:Resource Sharing 07/02/98 Linda Nichols
GEN: contacting Steck-Vaughn 07/02/98 Linda Slacum
Re: Current Cites June 1998 07/02/98 Melissa Davis
Re: LM-Net Breakfast 07/02/98 Joyce Valenza
GEN: BookWire - Book Industry news site 07/02/98 Melissa Davis
GEN: New Search Engine - Google from Standord Univ. 07/02/98 Melissa Davis
Re: life in the high school library-media center 07/02/98 Michele Missner
International Study of Media Resources 07/02/98 The Olson Family
Northern Va. job openings 07/02/98 Peggy Howell
Cleaning Book Covers 07/02/98 Jennifer Burger
TARGET: PC Cinderella/Gary Hartzell 07/02/98 T. K. Cassidy
GEN: got the Steck-Vaughn number 07/02/98 Linda Slacum
FOLKS IN FLORIDA & FIRES! 07/02/98 David and Jonny Trotti
Re: Job posting 07/02/98 Susan Roscoe
SEC: SREB High Schools That Work Conference 07/02/98 Nancy Badertscher
Library/Media Standards 07/02/98 Tracy Stavang
THANKS: Ice cream maker 07/02/98 Cheryl L. Skiles
GEN: The House of Wooden Santas 07/03/98 Susan Fonseca
Re: Finding Natl Library Media Standards 07/03/98 Charles White
GEN: ALA/AASL in DC: kudos and comments 07/03/98 Alice Yucht
Outer Banks, NC 07/03/98 Nancy Poalillo
Re: Long Island Job posting 07/03/98 Susan Roscoe
Re: Finding Natl Library Media Standards 07/03/98 Shelley Glantz
Re: Copier Service 07/03/98 Kay Bates
research project 07/03/98 Elizabeth Wilhelm
BOOK: The perilous gard by Pope 07/03/98 Frederick Muller
BOOK: The perilous gard 07/03/98 Frederick Muller
GREET: redesigned library for 98/99 07/03/98 Odile M. Heisel
TECH: E-mail from strangers 07/03/98 Lynn. Mitchell
Stress Diet 07/03/98 Mary Ludwick
Thought for Friday, Jul 3, 1998 (fwd) 07/03/98 Peter Milbury
GEN: Free Commodore Offer 07/03/98 Peter Milbury
Orientation 07/03/98 Kimberly Bauman
Interpretive Recommendation Title for The Bible 07/03/98 jan
Bookclub selections for July 07/03/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
Job Opening(Elem.)-New York 07/04/98 Kathleen Ellis
BOOK: There's an owl in the shower by George 07/04/98 Frederick Muller
HIT? - statistics online 07/04/98 Dianne Lynne
TARGET: statistics online 07/04/98 Suby Wallace
Re: HIT:TECH:CD-ROM vs Web access 07/04/98 rich tabis
Results of Cold War Dog Tag Stories 07/04/98 Mary Ludwick
HIT-> Web sites for alums 07/04/98 Paula Galland
Stock Prices 07/04/98 Dennis G. Jones 941-773-3147
GEN: libraries and reading 07/04/98 Martimo Choi Family
Re: LM_NET Digest - 3 Jul 1998 - Special issue 07/04/98 Andrea Gilbert
School Media Associates 07/04/98 Karen L. Weaver
Periodical Articles Needed 07/05/98 Robert Wade Gambrell
Re: Shelf list cards 07/05/98 T. K. Cassidy
Target: The future of school libraries 07/05/98 Joyce Valenza
Re: BOOK: There's an owl in the shower by George 07/05/98 Wanda Nall
Products for Sale?? 07/05/98 Wanda Nall
Products for Sale?? 07/05/98 Wanda Nall
Re: Shelf list cards 07/05/98 MARION SNELL
Re: Shelf list cards 07/05/98 Joni J Rathbun
Target: Pri.teaching unit on giants 07/05/98 Pat Elliott
Re: The Watsons Go to Birmingham 07/05/98 Joan Marstiller
Re: shelf list 07/05/98 Carin Barwick
Re: Shelf list cards 07/05/98 Mary Alice Anderson
HIT : Sirs Discoverer / WEB 07/05/98 Jacquelyn Shanti
FLORIDA FOLKS AND THE FIRES! 07/05/98 David and Jonny Trotti
TARGET: 7th grade class novel 07/05/98 Marcia Norris

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