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RE Wilson's Readers Guide Abstracts 04/17/94 Elizabeth Letterly
April Fool' s day 04/02/95 L. Stanford
SIRS/network--sudden problems 03/23/96 Shannon Acedo
Re: stories?/kidney-napping 03/24/96 Shannon Acedo
SIRS, resolved 03/24/96 Shannon Acedo
elem. keypals 3rd grade weather 03/31/96 Carolyn Mattern
Re: story about twins 04/01/96 Gayle Hodur
HIT: Government Internet Access 04/01/96 Linda Greenwood
Info: Anthony Browne 04/01/96 Warren RICH
Elem. : Goosebumps 04/01/96 B & D Keyser
HIT --> April Fools 04/01/96 Marla Hall
Re : summer reading 04/01/96 Joyce A. Hintz, Library/Media Specialist, PDY Schools
Seattle Netters Only 04/01/96 Louise A. Costello 3057974441
Elem Media position (Michigan) 04/01/96 Jeanette Mateer
weather geetings 04/01/96 NancFD
HIT: Poetry Anthologies 04/01/96 Elizabeth Abbott
summer reading 04/01/96 Julia Files Steger
LMS Job Openings 04/01/96 Global SchoolNet
Thanks 04/01/96 John Marshall High School
Re: HIT: Women's magazines 04/01/96 Jenna Bailey
ELEM: Hummingbird unit 04/01/96 Cathy Lattus
Posting a HIT? 04/01/96 Johnson Creek Highschool
REF-QUOTE 04/01/96 Beth Pounds (904)329-0569
Greetings-Thanks 04/01/96 LEE ANN NICHOLS
Statistics 04/01/96 Colleen Einarson
REF: contributors for fabricating journal 04/01/96 Lynn McWhirter
GEN: Listserv for academic librarians? 04/01/96 Mullins
ELEM:Kindergarten "sleepover" books 04/01/96 Katharine Snyder; K-12 Librarian, Stryker Local Schools
Re: automation support for non professionals 04/01/96 HCgraves
birthday books 04/01/96 barbara prentice
HIT: Gary Paulsen on Libraries 04/01/96 Anita Mentzer
Re: NCAA 04/01/96 Nelson
Re: STOCK MARKET 04/01/96 Robert Hiebert
HIT: Gary Paulsen on Libraries 04/01/96 Anita Mentzer
target: ALA or media specialist degree? 04/01/96 Laurie Conzemius
Re: Gary Paulsen on Libraries 04/01/96 Deborah Marie Collier
Re: HIT: Government Internet Access 04/01/96 Mary Beckelhimer
Libraries & literacy 04/01/96 KE Hones
Special Ed Greetings! 04/01/96 Marsha Haaser
Hawaiian Folktales Elem. 04/01/96 Audrey Nolte
CD-ROMs Elem. Research 04/01/96 Audrey Nolte
GEN: large projection screen 04/01/96 Mary Beckelhimer
Re: Elem. : Goosebumps 04/01/96 Jan Helene Moore
REF: QUOTE 04/01/96 Beth Pounds (904)329-0569
TECH: Follett update 04/01/96 Mark Thomas Frank
SEC: Teach or Demonstrate the Internet to students? 04/01/96 Sylvia and Stillman Jacquard
GEN: Nominate favorite listserv to Newsweek 04/01/96 Pat Moore
Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers Nominations 04/01/96 Marty Rosenzweig
REF: Rogers Peet? 04/01/96 Bonnie Fulmer
Re: Sullivan H.S. in Sullivan, IL only 04/01/96 Nelson
Gen?Advice for WA bookmark class 04/01/96 D. Louise Edwards
Question re: Peter Pan 04/01/96 Ginny Cook
Re: HIT: Government Internet Access 04/01/96 Alicia Astorga
MIDDLE:7th grade books on self-understamdomg 04/01/96 Sharon Carns
Librarians that went public 04/01/96 Karen Tally McIntyre
Re: Statistics 04/01/96 T. K. Cassidy
GEN: Help for school in Liberia 04/01/96 Michael Eisenberg
Little tree 04/01/96 Florence Mcelligott
High School Only 04/01/96 Deborah Barkhurst
Re: NCAA and Thanks! 04/01/96 Bethany Thompson
Re: HIT: Women's magazines 04/01/96 Julie Anderson
REF: Quote 04/01/96 Fred Muller Newton
SEC: Weather info 04/01/96 Beth Battey
Hi - New to the list 04/01/96 Patrick Gaik
Bleaching filmstrips? 04/01/96 Mary E Hall
TARGET: Advice for new media specialist 04/01/96 Linda Wolfgram
Bosnia 04/01/96 Deany Wood
Re: Oswego NY Safe Haven for Jews 04/01/96 Kathleen H. Fencil
TARGET: Poetry on CD-ROM 04/01/96 Pam Pilcher
Re: Oxymoron on LM_NET 04/01/96 Louise Hurst
Hatchet video 04/01/96 Louise Hurst
HIT: Science fiction titles 04/01/96 Roseyn J. Devlin
attention Texas Librarians Needed emails for Genealogy help? (fwd) 04/02/96 Mary E Bryan
HIT on HS Reading Incentives 04/02/96 Pope
GEN: address needed 04/02/96 Barbara Goldstein
Re: Oxymoron on LM_NET 04/02/96 Bill Wallace
WUG at NCEA/CLA 04/02/96 Sister Sally Daly
GREET 04/02/96 Jeannie Chunn
Scanners 04/02/96 Carol Weinshel
GEN: Raven Graphics 04/02/96 Paula Zsiray
REF: Quote 04/02/96 Jane Kaszczynec
GEN: Multicultural 04/02/96 Deborah Marie Collier
REF: Rogers Peet found! 04/02/96 Bonnie Fulmer
Re: Hatchet video 04/02/96 Virginia Mcdonnell
Re: NCAA 04/02/96 John Johnson
iCD simulation 04/02/96 Stanley D. Taylor
Summer reading 04/02/96 Lee Babb
Re: E-mail for students 04/02/96 Carol Frydenlund
Re: Creation Science Books 04/02/96 Carole Carpenter
Re: summer reading 04/02/96 Audrey Glick
TARGET: Video/Information Distribution Systems 04/02/96 Cynthia Skiver
AASL/KidsConnect 04/02/96 Blythe Bennett
Our summer reading 04/02/96 Helen Beverley Owen
REF: World War II ship 04/02/96 Janet Hofstetter
Summer Institute Courses 04/02/96 Barbara A. Toumbacaris
HIT: -> Books on tape 04/02/96 Linda Elliott
HIT-> Read Aloud Discoveries 04/02/96 Julia Hedden Denton
MD - Conference 04/02/96 Anne Thompson
Greetings 04/02/96 Teresa R. Britt
REF: Address for Speare 04/02/96 Kathy Webster

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