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Tomato, Tomato 04/03/98 MRRICCI88
Books on tape 04/03/98 Jeannine Towler (JJ)
Let's call the whole thing off-was you say tomato 04/03/98 Sandra W. Griffith
Bibliographic citation for electronic encyclopedia 04/03/98 Marni Sherman
Library Media Specialist Vacancy 04/03/98 Ramona J. Burton
USAWEEKEND POLL 04/03/98 Joanne Proctor
TECH: ClarisHomePage help needed 04/03/98 Margaret Morton
SEC: Poetry textbook 04/03/98 GeorgeAnne Draper
Toni Morrison 60-min interview 04/03/98 SARAH PECKHAM
REF: Women's Prison, Illinois 04/03/98 Richard R. Shook
Re: Library closed for rest of year 04/03/98 Dr. Allan O'Grady Cuseo
Vacation 04/03/98 Lynn. Mitchell
GEN Re: HIT: Networking training for Library Media Teachers 04/03/98 Peter Milbury
GEN: Real libraries still needed (NYT article) 04/03/98 Ken Umbach
National Library Week 04/03/98 Ken Hawley
GEN: Re: Pornography 04/03/98 Peter Milbury
REF: Careers 04/03/98 efindley
ELEM: Funny story 04/03/98 Marla Hall
Re: REF: "G. I. Jane" poem 04/03/98 Patricia Burns
Re: National Library Week 04/03/98 Faith Van Putte
West Virginia Only 04/03/98 J Ruf
GEN: what to do? 04/03/98 LisaDAdams
Re: Toni Morrison 60-min interview 04/03/98 1
HIT:Book Covers 04/03/98 Carrie Silberman
K-12 Library automation ideas 04/03/98 Susan Sutch
TARGET>Fun things to do in Tulsa, OK 04/03/98 RitaInCT
TARGET>8th Grade materials for teaching economics; Contemporary 04/03/98 RitaInCT
technical question 04/03/98 Bob Laramee
Re: Bibliographic citation for electronic encyclopedia 04/03/98 Edith Fuller
Bibliofind address 04/03/98 Caroline Petersen
book or short story title 04/03/98 Kay Talbott
Book challenge: Briar Rose by Jane Yolen 04/03/98 william reed
Help in identifying a dragon tale 04/03/98 Janice Ziglin
Re: Pornography 04/03/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
Re: Bibliographic citation for electronic encyclopedia 04/03/98 James W. Neal
Re: Pornography 04/04/98 Ken Umbach
Pornography 04/04/98 Michelle Ohnstad
ELEM: Romeo & Juliet versions/adaptations needed 04/04/98 Suzanne Weinheimer
Audio of Prince and Pauper? 04/04/98 Picone's
BOOKS: Don't scream - Nixon 04/04/98 Frederick Muller
Re: Bibliographic citation for electronic encyclopedia 04/04/98 eberne
No Subject 04/04/98 Nancy Probst
winnie the pooh 04/04/98 Ruth Spiaggi
Tech Question: "Forbidden"? 04/04/98 Picone's
GREET: School Lib. Media Month 04/04/98 Sylvia Merrill
Tech: High School magazine indexes and full text 04/04/98 Elizabeth Davenport
RE ; Abandoned books 04/04/98 Joanne Proctor
GEN: printing costs & library budgets 04/04/98 Catharine D. Wolf
Well Connected Educator - April 04/04/98 Mike Eisenberg
HIT: Penalty or punishment for "Abandoned" Books - part 1 04/04/98 Jill G Brandon
Re: GREETINGS! 04/04/98 Kris Waymire
HUMOR - smile ... 04/04/98 Earl J. Moniz
Looking for historic information on prices and wages 04/04/98 S. & G. Rohrman
No Subject 04/04/98 Karen DeFrank
HIT: Career programs 04/04/98 Elaine Woods
Gen: dragon story identified! 04/04/98 Janice Ziglin
Update on Birdy Book Challenge 04/04/98 Elaine Woods
Re: HIT: Penalty or punishment for "Abandoned" Books - part 1 04/04/98 Wendy40
Elem:Grandparents Week 04/04/98 SusanR50
Re: Chinese mythology 04/04/98 SusanR50
Re: TLA Breakfast 04/04/98 Betty Hamilton
Answer to Request 04/04/98 Margaret Scites
Tech: Draw 3"X5" rectangle - Works or Word 04/04/98 jocelyn shannon
GEN: CPI inflation conversion site 04/04/98 Chuck Finnigan
TECH: Upgrade IBM Pentium 75mhz computers feasible? 04/04/98 David Levin
HIT: Listserv for Tech Co-ord. 04/04/98 Rich Tabis
Teacher Internet sites 04/05/98 LaVerne Petersen Ireland
LMS vacancy: Menasha, WI 04/05/98 Nancy Probst
Re: Pornography 04/05/98 Betty Hamilton
G.I. Jane Poem 04/05/98 Patricia Burns
Top 5 reasons why computers are female/male and thanks 04/05/98 Doug Johnson
HIT: Authors of Science Fiction for adults (Part 1) 04/05/98 the willenbrinks
ELEM: Great k-1 storyhour book 04/05/98 Patricia Melville
HIT: Authors of Science Fiction for adults (Part 2) 04/05/98 the willenbrinks
Re: Graduate research 04/05/98 James W. Neal
Re: Automation: Follett & Inlex 04/05/98 Vicki Sherouse
Target: Greetings 04/05/98 Wedeluca
Collection Policies 04/05/98 .
Re: GEN: printing costs & library budgets 04/05/98 MARION SNELL
Graduate research 04/05/98 Kate Stirk
Target: Follett Catalog Plus 04/05/98 Kris Waymire
Re: TLA Breakfast 04/05/98 PekePerson
Re: Hit:Picturebook eval. 04/05/98 SusanR50
TARGET: Paperback vendor 04/05/98 Sally Lantz
ELEM: Job Opening in CA 04/05/98 NPHHALL
Re: Picture book folktales 04/05/98 ADKatzer
Netscape BookMarks 04/05/98 Christine Carr
HIT: James Marshall 04/05/98 ADKatzer
Fun Stuff from A Word A Day 04/05/98 Karen DeFrank
Re: TLA Breakfast & Doug-io 04/05/98 M. Filipiak
HIT: Weather info for intermediate grades 04/05/98 PotokaG
State series 04/05/98 dawn van lerbergh
GEN: Info on bilingual dictionaries 04/05/98 Rena Deutsch
HELP 04/05/98 Patricia Melville
GA ONLY: Judges for North Georgia Student Media Festival 04/05/98 Pope1966
Software advice: elementary 04/05/98 Byers - Melanie
Electronic BookShelf question 04/05/98 Byers - Melanie
Computer hardware question 04/05/98 Byers - Melanie
HIT: ADULT READING 04/05/98 Palib
Re: TARGET: Paperback vendor 04/05/98 Joan Kimball

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