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Webwhacker 04/29/96 Ruth Tennies
HIT/HS/LATENT LIBRARIANS 04/30/96 linda g. reed
Re: HIT: MIDDLE: Humorous titles 04/30/96 Dr. Dana McDougald
Re: Demonizing Goosebumps 04/30/96 Daniel Laurita
Tech: At Ease and Americana 04/30/96 Dr. Dana McDougald
ELEM: keyboarding programs 04/30/96 Pamela Lawrence Spencer
SEC: Multicultural Collection 05/01/96 DENNIS LYNN PETERSON
TARGET: HS Size (fwd) 05/01/96 Kathy Keck
new school/core collection 05/01/96 S KATCHER
Re: ADMIN: Blatant abuse and Peter Milbury 05/01/96 Peter Milbury
Re: caring families 05/01/96 Karen Stockton
Peter and phone calls in the night. 05/01/96 Lex Systems Inc.
TARGET: Elem. School-wide discipline plan 05/01/96 Jeanne Wingate
Re: ELEM/MID: Your CD-ROM Thoughts, please 05/01/96 Tamah Graber
GEN: Process or Product - Dilemma! 05/01/96 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Re: APOLOGY for alleged telephone harassment 05/01/96 Rayna Patton
LM_NET Directory 05/01/96 Amy Derwin
use of IRC 05/01/96 Cathy Gilchrist
Re: gen:accession numbers 05/01/96 Guusje Zimmerman Moore
Re: Subj- Word ending 05/01/96 Global SchoolNet
Re: Apology About Language 05/01/96 Global SchoolNet
Re: Middle School Awards 05/01/96 Deborah Marie Collier
Re: Defending Milbury 05/01/96 Teresa D. Evans
Accession Numbers 05/01/96 Joan Rosen
Sec: Block Scheduling 05/01/96 Carolyn Gierke
Special class schedules 05/01/96 Sandra Dwan
Re: Defending Milbury 05/01/96 Lyna M Reyes
Middle: auditory collection 05/01/96 bobbie hair
Re: Apology About Language 05/01/96 Peter Milbury
Re: SEC Target : Media Literacy text / writings 05/01/96 maria perlinda shelton
poem search 05/01/96 Humboldt Junior High
Re: caring families 05/01/96 Global SchoolNet
Re: SEC: Multicultural Collection 05/01/96 Global SchoolNet
Peter's phone calls: Food for thought 05/01/96 Andy Lester
Appropriate language (Warning: the following may contain language 05/01/96 Doug Johnson
Re: Commiseration - WOW! 05/01/96 Robert Hiebert
separate 7th & 8th grade buildings 05/01/96 Clark and Sally Todd
TECH: Choices, Choices by Tom Snyder 05/01/96 Christine L. Deucher
Cussing & Calling 05/01/96 Jan Rice McArthur
Re: how I found it on the WEB 05/01/96 Jody Gerlock
Extended media hours 05/01/96 Elaine Webb
GA Sugar Cane 05/01/96 Heather Wilcox
novel ideas for end of year reading 05/01/96 Jennifer Reynolds
TX/Rio Grande Valley-Library Standards 05/01/96 Jeanette Carolyn Larson
TARGET:Sec, CD Roms 05/01/96 Freeburg Community High School
Greetings Please 05/01/96 Mrs. Zoe Wiltrout
Career Guidance Materials 05/01/96 John Henne
thanks 05/01/96 KE Hones
Target: Pigman Video 05/01/96 John Lees
anyone with a BSLS? 05/01/96 Helen Beverley Owen
Barbara Kuhlthau 05/01/96 KE Hones
Re: Peter's phone calls: Food for thought 05/01/96 Staff, Ashurst School
HIT: ELEMENTARY Reference CD's 05/01/96 Philip Stohrer
GEN: Values, Science Books 05/01/96 Deborah Marie Collier
HIT- OOH on CD-ROM 05/01/96 Eve Jett
School Library Media Summer Conference 05/01/96 John W Shearin
Librarian on Network News 05/01/96 Judy Turner
GEN: GREAT VIDEOS 05/01/96 Deborah Marie Collier
Maryland Black-eyed Susan Award 05/01/96 Morton - Sandra J.
Re: Accession Numbers 05/01/96 Deborah Marie Collier
Re: TARGET:Sec, CD Roms 05/01/96 Nelson
Membership in other professional orgs. 05/01/96 Jane Greenfield
Re: Demonizing Goosebumps 05/01/96 Linda A. Nichols, Coordinator
PA Yong Reader's Choice Winners 05/01/96 Jean Bellavance
Re: Extended media hours 05/01/96 Nancy Graf
GEN. EBSCO, et. al. 05/01/96 Martin Swist
STATE LEVEL library position 05/01/96 Linda Hartman
Thanks 05/01/96 Linda M. Saliba
graduation speeches 05/01/96 LILA WHYMAN, APOLLO CAREER CENTER
Re: INTRO: Angela MacNamara 05/01/96 Jerry Brown
Holocaust Fiction recommendation 05/01/96 Fred Muller Newton
Re: Middle School Grade Configurations 05/01/96 Ken Haycock
Re: anyone with a BSLS? 05/01/96 Ken Haycock
HIT: SEC. CD-ROM's 05/01/96 John Lees
ELEM: Teaching Children How To Handle Library Materials 05/01/96 Kaoru Nakajima
Re: GEN: GREAT VIDEOS 05/01/96 T G Caddell
Holocaust Fiction recommendation 05/01/96 Amanda Byrd
censorship: Lily 05/01/96 Mary Jo Heller
Mac hangs when MS Bookshelf 94 CD inserted 05/01/96 Cliff Hathaway
Re: LM_NET Directory 05/01/96 Betty Dawn Hamilton
HIT: Retirement Poems 05/01/96 Fidelis R. Poncher 904-684-2116
GEN: LM_NET Dir Summer96 Update 05/01/96 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Request for students living in Desert Areas 05/01/96 ST AGNES HIGH SCHOOL
GEN: Library Funding Equity 05/01/96 Rachel Carlson
Re: ADMIN: Blatant abuse and Peter Milbury 05/01/96 Melvin P. Lader
Re: LM_NET Digest - 29 Apr 1996 - Special issue 05/01/96 Ann Reddy Damon
Re: GEN: Disturbed by recent posts 05/01/96 Gidon Goldberg
MS interdisciplinary teaming 05/01/96 Bryon Anderson
Re: Apology About Language 05/01/96 Joan Miller
<*** CD-Rom explosion question ***> 05/01/96 KL Cooley
Essay source needed 05/01/96 Jo Ann Ayers Lynn
Elem:Book in ? 05/01/96 Deborah McLaughlin
The Hope Tree of Harlem 05/01/96 Jean Bellavance
Carol Kuhlthau inforamtion 05/01/96 KE Hones
Re: alleged harassment 05/01/96 Penelope S. Cunningham
Re: novel ideas for end of year reading 05/01/96 Monica R. Byrne 407-767-5447
Re: HIT- OOH on CD-ROM 05/01/96 Dr. Dana McDougald
Readers at Mission High School 05/01/96 Suzanne W. Hawley 813-592-1777
From GooseBumps to Stephen King at the Middle Level 05/01/96 John Homme
HIT: Help Needed: Planning w/Teachers 05/01/96 Rita J. McKillip

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